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Monday, August 17, 2009

It's all about the pennies, Jamz.

So, let's talk about some reportedly legitimate sites out there. My fastidious research (hey, I Googled them both, even clicked a link or two) showed that both Hits4Pay and Deals-N-Cash are about as solid as they come in the PTC world. They're sister sites and both work on the "click emails, wait x seconds, get money" premise. Hay, that sounds easy! It is. Especially if you're using Firefox. More on that later.

You can find numerous "payment proofs", especially from H4P, as I will hip-ly call it from now on. Like we're buds, me and H4P. But, yeah, there's always a catch. In order to collect your sweet munz, you have to reach the seemingly unattainable payout minimum of $25. Now, keep in mind you're getting $.02 (sometimes $.03 even!) an email here and that means you're gonna be clicking like 1200 of these things.

"NBD!", you shout, making grabby hands at me while I try to bat you away from my computer. Well, it is kind of a BD. You see, it's not like these emails just fall on you all at once like epennies from heaven, they're painstakingly doled out to you a few at a time over the weeks.

Sometimes, days look like this:

Which is awesome! I made $.54, although I can see that SOMEONE in my downline didn't click their emailz that day, costing both them and myself precious pennies. I wonder who that was. THERE ARE ONLY TWO OF YOU.

And sometimes they look like this:

Oh boy, yeah. That's crap right there.

Fortunately, at least for me, most of my days end up being more like that first picture up there. Except Sundays. I can't blame them though, I'm too lazy to click on a Sunday anyway, so I can't fault them for not sending them out.

Speaking of being lazy, have I mentioned how easy both Deals-N-Cash and Hits4Pay actually are? Seriously, you'd only have to explain it to grandma like 10 times, then write it down for her twice. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. You can open each of the sites they send you in a new tab, because you're using Firefox like anyone who's not completely lame would be, and go do your own thing while they tick down. I like to use the time to check out this blog.

When they're finished advertising to the back of your browser, take a peek and see if the top of the page says you've earned $.02. Have you? Yes? Then close it. You're done. No? Let it sit for a few more seconds, maybe your connection sucks. It takes me all of a minute to check both sites every day. Sometimes I make some munz, sometimes I make very little munz.

Remember how I said you have to make $25 with H4P before you can cash out? Well, it's not quite as bad as it sounds, they give you the first $10 just for signing up, so really, you only have to make $15 to cash out the first time.

This doesn't seem too bad, especially if you can get a few reliable referrals under you. Reliable meaning people who actually want to click emails once a day and make some munz with you. H4P actually has a three tier system that allows you to get paid for your direct referrals ($.01), and anyone your direct referrals refer(another $.01). So if you manage to get a bunch of people under you all clicking madly night and day, you can bank some decent cash.

Look at that $20 spot! It could be yours if pixel hand doesn't get there first! What are you waiting for!?

Deals-N-Cash is a little harder on you. Their sign-up bonus is a paltry $5 and you have to make it all the way to $30 for your first cash out opportunity. They also employ a two-tier referral system, but you get the same amount of money for your referral clicks as you do for clicking yourself. They're still the same legitimate company, fact, the sites are identical. It's like someone did a find/replace with the H4P site and just stuck DNC in there in it's place. That doesn't bother me, it really just makes it easier to navigate. Who has time for basic reading and recognition skills when there are all these pennies to be made?

Now That's A Banner. Money is practically shooting out of it into your pocket.

The one thing I can see that really gets people up in arms is that they ask for a social security number for tax identification purposes in order for you to actually be paid from their site. A lot of Internet hooligans are going nuts on message boards about this, but really, I feel it kind of gives them a little bit of respectability. In the FAQ section of the site it says this:

Why do I have to give my tax information?

At the end of the year we will send out a 10-99 form to all members who have received a check from us. Hence, in order for us to issue you a check we need to have your tax information on file.

Basically, anyone who makes over $600 from a source has to report it, and people can and do make that kind of money from these sites. They're covering their asses, pretty much. And, you don't even have to put your tax info in right away. It only becomes an issue if you want to cash out and it's not there, so if you're getting close and think you might want to collect from them anytime soon, do it. If not, don't. No skin off their backs.

Ok, so nobody's gonna become a rich playboy clicking emails for $.02 a pop, but if you've got a few minutes to dedicate to it every day you might make enough to keep yourself in Krispy Kreme Kheeseburgers and Ramune for the month.