Can you make money for nothing? Are there free lunches? Join Jamz and Sarz in their quest for internet money.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Indiana Jamz and the Temple of Sarz

Oh, that's right, we're on an adventure. An adventure in munz. That's free Internet money in case your inside slang is a little rusty. Don't worry, you'll learn the lingo in time.

"So what's this about?" you may be asking yourself. Bully question, indeed. You see, I was dinking around on a forum I frequent a while ago and noticed someone had a new banner ad in their forum signature. I'm, like, super observant and drawn to bright colors, so I read what it had to say.


Hold the phone, free offers? I love those. Make money to do something I already really, really love? This sounds too amazing to be true! I'm gonna be amazingly rich! Without even moving from this spot! I'll build an empire of gold and laugh down at all of you from my throne of riches!

Or it could be a scam.

Well, come to find out this offer is not a scam, per se, it did turn out to be a really shady deal. Yeah, they pay you a couple bucks to complete free offers, but what they don't tell you is that you have to sign up for 'free trials' using your credit card. And you have to remain in the trial for a pre-determined amount of time. Then guess what happens? That's right, you're so busy drooling over that collectible Deanna Troi head mug that you're going to buy with all this amazingly easy to obtain money that you forget to cancel the trial offer. Sorry, Counselor, now you have to wait for another day because super-genius here has a book club subscription for all the Bodice-ripping romance novels published since 1978 all for $39.95 a month.

The burning question here is can you make money from all the "paid to click" or "paid to post" or "paid to take surveys" sites out there? The answer is: Potentially. Will you make hundreds of dollars a day? Probably not. What Jamz and I intend to do here is to see just how these programs work.

Will we become paid-to-click tycoons, smoking cigars and wearing monacles? Or will we fall victim to the scammers, cheats and liars that plague the Internet preying on the gullible and lazy? Will there be exciting fight scenes and white water rafting down mountains. Oh, for sure.