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Friday, August 21, 2009

I just ordered a Lexus made of ground up Rolexes

You wanna know why? Well, we've only been riding this train for about a week now, seriously anyway, and we already have some good news for the like three of you who are actually going to read this: We've got payment proof. Oh, that's right, friends, there's money in the old PayPal account again. So what if it's $3.06? I've gotta start my Hot Dog Cart business somewhere. How else will I get to go to fancy parties in tuxedos and make people wonder if I'm a drug-dealing-money-launderer?

First up is a site called Dollar Surveys. This site is actually kinda fun in that there's no sign-up, no account, no referrals, no spam. You just throw your PayPal email into the space provided and they give you a survey. If you qualify and complete it, they give you a dollar. AND THEY ACTUALLY DO!

See that? That's 2 dollars. Count 'em. If I had 98 more dollars, I'd have A HUNDRED DOLLARS

That's two payments of $1 each from completing surveys for their website. And believe it or not, some of the surveys don't suck! Sometimes they do, but sometimes they don't! Maybe you're familiar with a little delicacy some know as "Pot Pies"? You probably remember...flaky burnt top-crust, bone-melting gravy creating a moat around a frozen chunk of turkey fat and peas, contained by a doughy bottom crust and a mini pie-tin? Only take about 30-40 hours to cook in a 500 degree oven? In other words, de-lish. Well, you can thank me next time you see a NEW pot pie flavor (which I'm not allowed to divulge because apparently pot pie is super-secret-serious with these people). Don't worry, I chose well. You guys like tripe, right? Don't click that.

Enlarged to show detail: 'Turkey' is not huge and veiny (actually quite small and veiny)

Another great site I found which has already paid me, and I just joined Wednesday night, is called YouData. Trust me, do this one. If you sign up and view their ads, next Friday you will have a PayPal payment from them. I can't tell you that you'll make tons of cash, but this site is so easy, and actually does have cool advertisements instead of the usual make money bullshit scams you see.

I could buy freedom with that and have change left over. Although getting it on a mug would inexplicably cost $20.

Just follow this link: YouData and fill out your profile to start viewing ads. Do it. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for America.

So, two proven sites: Dollar Surveys and YouData with the potential to make you an extra $30 a month if you're tenacious and go after it. Shit, what else are you going to do while you sit around watching hulu all damned night?