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Thursday, August 13, 2009

GetDailyPaid? I'm guessing....not.

So, with a promising name like, how could things not be awesome? The website is a lot different than the others I've seen thus far. Instead of smooth colors and a billion ad links everywhere, you have a simple layout with a bizarre orange graphic.

Apparently you gun your way to fortunes? I dunno.

So, having received my referral link from Sarz (she's constantly with these), I hit up the website and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. If this:
We pay you 12% of your membership level to surf 12 sites for 12 days giving you a 144% return for surfing. You MUST surf to get paid everyday. Surf payouts are instant for PAID members ONLY. Free members will earn to account balance. Max membership level $12,000.
makes any sense to you, you're smarter than me. Muddling through it some, I think I figured it out. See, most click-to-pay (or whatever you want to call it) sites work like this: Advertisers pay the website. The website sells them so many page-views of advertising. The website then pays you one or two pennies to view the ad. Everybody wins. Well, advertising in general still doesn't make any sense to me, but it's not really any different than any other kind.

Ok, seems simple right? Now forget all that, because that's not what GDP does. After my exhaustive research into the subject (I clicked around on the page for like 3 minutes, tops), it seems to work like this: You buy a 'unit' from Tim. This 'unit' can be any amount of money from 12.00 to 12,000.00. Then, you go to for 12 days in a row, and surf 12 ads. The surfing-engine-dingus is actually kind of nice, no clicking or even attention necessary. You just click go and let it go for the however many minutes it takes. Except that for some reason, it doesn't say 12 adds, it says 6 credits (with each ad being worth .5 credits). Why? Well, the answer is simple. I think Tim is insane, and even worse foreign. But more on that later.

So, for each day you get your 6 credits, Tim 'pays' you 12% of your investment. So, after 12 days, you will have made the promised 144% of your investment. The promise of the site is that the payout is instant, as long as you surf every day. If you don't, I'm not sure what happens. It may be that you lose out on payment for that day, and must surf another day to make up for it. It may be that you lose out on payment for that day period and you're down to a 136% total return. It may be that he stops paying you entirely from then on. I think Tim is nuts (more on that later, I said), so it may mean that he comes to your house and fills your mailbox up with bananas and fire.

I have some immediate problems with this whole thing. I'll sum up:

A) Where does the magic money come from? I get normal pay per click sites. It makes sense to me. How does this work? How can he randomly take my money, then automatically turn it into more money in 12 days? It looks like people buy ads from him. And then people buy 'units' from him. So he has a lot of money now, but how can he turn any amount of money into more money? It vexes me.

B) What the hell is up with his site? Why is everything in twelves? Why have 6 credits worth a half each? Why does every thing Tim writes come out looking like total gibberish? Under 'Recent News', Tim posted the following today:
Wait, what? You aren't sure how the service you're using to pay your customers is working (and it's, I guess?), but since you're still getting money, I might as well try to give you more?

C) Which brings me to the next bit...If you want me to spend my money....Why make it so hard? In order to pay you, and in turn get paid, I have to sign up for 'LibertyReserve' or 'AlertPay' or 'SolidTrustPay'. These are apparently online banks? That I've never heard of. So, in order to give you money...I sign up for a bank I've never heard of, and then give them money. Then you give my money back to them, and I have to try to get it from them?

D) Natural tie in to my third point. Tim, buddy. Why are you crazy? I'm going to just raw-dump some of the emails I've gotten from Tim since I joined, as I think they're hilarious enough standing alone:
Any member who would like to compound there balances please send a support ticket requesting that, this will save everyone fees. Also anyone who has a Alertpay balance and upgrades 20% using liberty reserve or solid trust pay I will also compound your alertpay balances. I will only allow this for next 5 days after that the alertpay accounts will be deleted.Tim

Members this is the final 4 days of alertpay issues after this no more. You upgrade 20% of the alertpay losses and I upgrade your account the full 100% theres 4 days left. I want clarify that I sent my true identity to alertpay regardless what they are saying. UPGRADE TODAY 24.00 get 4 free referrals and 5000 credits, 2x for LR.Tim

Today get 3 free referrals for any 24.00 upgrade and 1000 credits. Solid trust pay is still offline and I would hope they get back online soon they keep telling me there techs are working on it. Liberty Reserve is online and you new members join in ang earn some instant cash. Tim

How would you like use paypal? I will only be able to accept paypal for purchases in other words you will be paid a rebate back after 12 days in memo line you must put for ad purchases only. send to then send me a copy of your purchase and I will update your account. You can be paid by STP or LR as well. Timothy

You that disbelieved in my statement about the alertpay issue with my identity, I ask you this how can I be a verified Paypal member and STP but alertpay says my real is not me? You think about it and you realize alertpay scammed everyone. 24 upgrade today gets 2 free referrals and a 2500 credits upon request. Tim
So, not only have you invented some kind of new weasel-language that I've never seen before...You're sending emails addressed to the informal 'you' your entire email list? I didn't doubt you Tim, I promise. But you're arguing with your own 'customers', here.

I like Tim. There's just something about someone who is so obviously crazy that makes me want to trust him with my money. I'm on a 'free account', which means my account earns as though it has 10 dollars in it (which I don't ever get). I get paid $.12 to surf my 12 ads every day (which gets paid to my 'account balance'). From the crazy-grams above and on the site, it appears that I won't get any payments without buying a 'unit'. I've seen nothing that says that my account 'balance' will ever be paid to me, regardless of what I do. I'm totally intrigued though. I'm going to check out LibertyReserve tomorrow and see what the story is. I'm totally going to 'ang earn' some cash.

You see why I love Tim? Not only does his banner look like a drugstore circa 1994; it's also full of that crazy Timlish I adore so much!