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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coupla Updates!

Just thought I'd do a wee update on how the earnings thing is going since we last did a relevant post. No, I'm way still upset about the Reading Rainbow Fiasco, but thanks for the concern.

My last post about the two awesome paid to read sites Hits4Pay and Deals'N'Cash was on August 17. Since then, I've made $4.08 from H4P and am within $8 of being able to cash out for the first time.

Deals'n'Cash is a little slower, but I've still added $3.35 to my account and have noticed that I'm getting more and more emails from them every day, not to mention just this morning I had 4 out of 7 ads worth $.05 each. That's some pretty easy cash for basically no work at all. The payout minimum his higher on DNC so it's gonna take me a while to reach that on this one.

My paypal account is now bursting with $3.52 from Dollar Surveys and YouData, which is pretty damned cool. I can't recommend YouData enough. You won't make a lot of money, but you will make some and THEY PAY LIKE CLOCKWORK. If you take the time to sign up and view the ads they send you, come Friday there will be something in your account to show for it.

I have a crapton of other sites I'm closing in on cashing out with.

TuiBux is a nice, quick paid to click site that has a good reputation for paying their members. Free members get around 4-5 ads per day and the cash out minimum is a low $2.

Shitty banner, decent site. With a $5.50 payout it's a little daunting, but they post tons of ads every with no timers. They work on a credits to cash system with ads being worth 1-3 credits. If you check it multiple times a day, you'll rack up credits like crazy, which means more cash in your pocket.

One of the best, I'm planning on a blog on this one very soon. It's different than most paid to sites because what they pay you to do is rate and review other sites you've used. $20 payout, but if you work at it and post quality reviews, you can make that easily. I probably recommend this one even if you're just wanting to check out some online earnings avenues.

Oh, and just because this shit was boring today, here's a cute picture of a hamster.
funny pictures of cats with captions

HAHA, he can't spell. It's C-O-R-N, stupid hamster.