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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Delicious Soup! (also micro-pennies)

So the other day, while Jamz and I were watching DS9 together from a Chinese website who obviously doesn't care for our silly copyright laws, we were discussing shape-shifting. Jamz decided that, were he to posses such an ability, he would regularly turn himself into a bowl of soup and serve himself to is enemies.

He had to ask me to just stay with him at this point.

Then, says Jamz, while his enemies were eating the soup he would transform into a butthole, humiliating his enemies who are now eating soup from a butthole.

Makes you think, doesn't it.

Today, though, I wanna show you some of the sites I've committed to clicking on every single day (when I have the time). No Minimum Payout
Oh, DonkeyMails. Your choppy English and vague explanations of how much money I'm actually getting keeps me coming back time and again. You offer me so many ways to make a fraction of a cent, that I can barely force myself to navigate away from your soothing beige landscape.
Total Earnings: $1.28

The Clickers. Lots of ads on this one...another fraction of a cent site, though. You can complete offers, like signing up for other PTC sites for cash, but they require you to paste a welcome email in a little box...and most of the sites don't send you one. So, you're screwed. Nice, jerks. Fuck your $.15 anyway.
Total Earnings: $0.94
Good Time Quote: In order to be fair to our advertisers and to ensure quality communication, every member must be able to read and write English. (This is, of course, after not even running spell check on their own site. Yeesh.)

ClixSense. You actually get a whole penny an ad from this site and the 30 second timer is actually 30 seconds, but their referral program is complete crap. Also, they don't pay through online methods like PayPal or Pony Express.
Total Earnings: $1.83
AdPaid is a decent sort of site, really. Yeah, it's another fraction of a cent site, but they also offer paid emails and a decent points to cash system that's calculated at the end of every month and you can take surveys for $.50 to $1.25 every day. $10 payout makes this one kinda crap when it comes to instant gratification, but with the surveys, it's completely possible. They have a decent reputation for paying out...but isn't that kinda like being the handsomest nerd at the DnD table?
Total Earnings: $1.37 and 65 points (about 5 cents)

What a clean and refreshing site! Too bad this one pretty much sucks, too. At least you can earn pittance from promoting your referral link. So, if you're reading this, click that link. Low $1 payout is what keeps me clicking this one, too. I'm at $.68 after a couple weeks, so hopefully I can manage to make the minimum and GTFO.

Bleh, that's enough for right now. I seriously have about 20 more of these...many much less shitty. I need some lunch. Not fucking soup, either.